Jupitor 80

How BIG is the sound of  the Jupiter 80

This is a great performance keyboard. Roland has eliminated a number of workstation type features which would not be needed in a live setting in order to focus on the needs of a live performer.

The question in my mind was, can you recreate the nature of the Jupiter 80 in the studio using soft synths?

In the video they show this view with the caption that you can combine up to 27 separate oscillators for a Massive sound.

According to the Jupiter manual. you can set the split points for upper, lower, and solo. But you cannot overlap them. (someone correct me if I am wrong)

So the real max is 4 tones per section of keys. A synth tone can contain 3 oscillators each, but this is just a Roland approach to the classic 3 oscillator VA synth. (And a good one I might add)

Lets throw Massive at it and see what comes out.

In this experiment I layered 4 instances of Massive in reaper. (apologies for the melody or lack thereof, I was after the sound here)

I also tried a 4 layer set with an assortment of soft synths. This is often more common and can be accommodated nicely by the Jupiter.

Of course in a live setting, laptops are not as popular but certainly gaining.

I think Roland has done an excellent job on the Jupiter 80 and I would love to have one. In my case I don’t play live so it is not as useful to me in a small studio but still a beast.



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